Fraternities & Minister Contacts



Fraternities Minister Spiritual Assistant 


Clare-Francis Beth O’Donnell  Sister Robbie Pentecost, OSF   

Little Portion Linda Shuron       none 


Our Lady of the Angels Barb Luebbers   none (Paula via zoom) 



St. Anthony Frank Vandeventer     Br. Keen Beetz 


St. Margaret of Cortona Kym Terrel


St. Michael Sue Aufermann       Fr. Ray Taylor 

Oldenburg Cell Rose Marie Gauck       Fr. Joe Nelson

(emerging satellite of St. Michael) 




  Our Lady of Mercy   Dan Monin, OFS


  Patrick B. Gillen, OFS  


St. Catherine of Bologna – deactivated in 2022


St. Elizabeth of Hungry   Dolores Gillen           Fr. David Vincent 

St. Pio Pietrelcinia   Maura Renouff           none 

Immaculate Heart of Mary   Tess Hatmacher           Sister Leonard Mary


St. Stephen –deactivated in 2022




St. Boniface  

(cell group of St. Joseph Louisville)

St. Joseph Cupertino Brent Naville Fr. Christian Moore, OFM Conv  

St. Joseph Sue Allen Fr. David Lenz 

Mary Thompson