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Regional Consecration To Mary

posted Jun 24, 2016, 12:55 PM by HTR OFS   [ updated Jun 25, 2016, 12:34 AM ]

[All of the files needed can be gotten by following this link.]



Dear Ministers,


As we discussed and voted on during our last Chapter it is the goal to do a Region-wide Consecration to Jesus through Mary on the Holy Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, August 2nd.  I have been working hard to gather all you will need to assist your fraternities in making this consecration.  First I am going to send you 5 recorded talks to use during the consecration. You will need to click the hyperlinks below each talk on the schedule below.  Please download them before the expiration date.  I will also have the talks as well as the handouts uploaded to the website.  The talks were recorded by Father Adam Streitenberger, OFS especially for this purpose.  They are very well done and especially address our Franciscan Charism and Francis’s love for Our Lady.  You may distribute them to your fraternities via email or plan to listen to them as a group as you make this journey.  The first talk should be done 1 week prior to beginning your consecration preparation. 


There are three books Father recommends: 

Daily Meditation using either

Preparation for Total Consecration by Montfort


33 Days to Morning Glory

I have personally used both.  I like the Montfort one for the piety but the meditations in the Morning Glory books are very enjoyable.  There is even a section on Maximillian Kolbe J Last year during my renewal I used Montfort in the morning and Gaitley at night.  It was a nice combination.


It is highly recommended that you read True Devotion to Mary by Montfort at some point.


Father will discuss the book in the recordings.  Again whether you read the book now or save it for later, Father’s recordings are HIGHLY recommended.  He explains why this devotion would be important to us as Franciscans.  


Secondly I am attaching a handout called Mary in Scriptures you should give to each member making the consecration.  Thirdly I am attaching a copy of what to do as your Consecration gets closer.  Last a copy of the Total Consecration Schedule.


Below you will find an outline of the consecration process with dates and links to download each talk (remember to download them before the expiration date or go to the HTR web site at they should be uploaded before the end of the week) .


Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary


Recording 1  :  Should be done the week before July 1st


Download Attachment

Available until Jun 23, 2016


·         John 19:25-29

·         Introduction to Consecration to Jesus through Mary

·         Gift of self to Mary and Renewing Baptismal Promises

·         Total Consecration and Franciscan Spirituality

·         How to Make the Consecration

·         Using the Books


July 1st (Feast of Br. Juniper Serra)– August 2nd     (Feast of Our Lady of the Angels)

The 33 Days of Preparation

·         Daily Prayer and Meditation using

·         Preparation according to de Montfort or

·         33 Days to Morning Glory by Gaitley


Recording 2:   Between the 1st of July and the 8th

Mary, Our Mother


Download Attachment

Available until Jun 24, 2016



·         Revelation 12:1-7

·         Montfort and Mary

·         Chapter 1 of True Devotion

·         Our Lady and Franciscan Spirituality


Recording 3:  Between July 8th and July 15th

Mary, Our Model


Download Attachment

Available until Jun 25, 2016


·         Luke 1:25-56

·         Chapter 2 and 7 (exterior) of True Devotion

·         St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Anthony, St. Bonaventure, Bl. John Duns Scotus


Recording 4:  Between July 15th and July 22nd

Mary, Our Lady and We, Her slaves


Download Attachment

Available until Jun 30, 2016


·         John 2:1-11

·         Chapter 3 and 4 of True Devotion

·         Franciscan Spirituality and Our Lady


Recording 5:  Between July 22nd and July 29th

Mary, Our Mediatrix


Download Attachment

Available until Jun 30, 2016


·         Genesis 2:14-20, 1 Kings1: 1-20, Luke 2:22-40, Acts 1:11-14

·         Chapter 6 and 7 of True Devotion

·         What to do before and on Consecration day


August 2nd, The Feast of Our Lady of the Angel

·         The Renewal of Our Baptismal Promises and Act of Consecration after Daily Mass either as an individual or a fraternity


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me.  If I have not included anyone on this list or you need paper copies of the handouts and a cd version of the talks please let me know. I would love for each Fraternity to send me pictures of their Consecration day to post on our website!  You can email me at or call me at 740.814.6053.  I receive text too J  I will send reminder emails as we get closer. 



Peace and All Good,


Maggie Wright, OFS

Holy Trinity Regional Treasurer