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Franciscan Youth Program at St. Clements

posted Nov 20, 2018, 7:21 AM by HTR OFS
Our Council for Youth, Colleen Gerke, has started a grade school program at St. Clements as a pilot youth program. Hopefully, next year she will add a high school program. We have over 50 kids grade 4-8 that are giving up their lunch hour and recess to meet once a month. The kids are so excited that they would like to meet every other week. Unfortunately, Colleen has been trying to cover all the expense herself. It cost about $120 a month to keep the group going. We meet with the 7-8 grade one week and 4-6the next. It cost roughly $60 each week for food plus meeting supplies. Right now the kids are putting birdseed in plastic bags to give out to parishioners at the Christmas masses which have a label telling the story of Francis asking the mayors and lords for extra rations of grain for Christmas so the animals could celebrate the Incarnation of Christ.

If you believe in reaching out to youth, you can be of great help. If you would like to sponsor a child at $5 a month it would be a great help. Or you could sponsor a whole meeting for $60.

Please send your contribution clearly marked for the Franciscan Youth Program to:

Colleen Gerke, OFS
C/O St. Clement's Parish
4536 Vine St.
Cincinnati OH 45217

Peace and all good,
Paula Voborsky, OFS