Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation

The Regional JPIC Animators serves the Region by concentrating on the areas of justice, peace, and the integrity of creation by calling forth the passion of the members so that they may develop, embrace and enhance our Franciscan spirituality. To animate and challenge the members in their efforts to re-explore and re-think the basics of justice, peace and integrity of creation from the perspective of the four pillars – Spirituality, Formation, Fraternity and Apostolate.

The Regional JPIC Animators assumes the following responsibilities:        
  • To develop a vision and common guidelines for the regional JPIC activities.
  • To promote the apostolic expression of justice, peace and integrity of creation in accordance with Articles 12 – 19 of the Rule and Articles 15 – 23 of the General Constitutions.
  • To animate by giving encouragement, guidance and information to the local fraternities and groups to enhance the spirit and life of their JPIC programs.
  • To communicate with National JPIC Animator(s) and distribute information to local JPIC contacts, members of the Regional Council, and local leaders.
  • To affirm and challenge the members to recognize, understand and embrace peace and justice ministry as an essential element of their Franciscan evangelical vocation through the process of initial and ongoing formation.
Please watch the news and calendar for upcoming JPIC announcements and events. For any questions or comments concerning JPIC or its activities please contact JPIC.Holy.Trinity.Region@aol.com

Jim Myres, OFS
Regional JPIC Animator

Anne Wolf, OFS
JPIC Co-Chair

Marvin Dickman, OFS
JPIC Co-Chair